Raised Garden Beds

This project took me just one day to complete.

Here is the picture the customer posted to my FB page:


The exact comment she left was:

“Tyler, thanks so much for the raised garden box project. We are very happy with it.”

Building Teardrop Trailers is a Personal Favorite Woodworking/Carpentry Project

One way I like to spend my free time is making teardrop trailers.

Below are some photos of the first teardrop that I made. We took this trailer on a roadtrip from Wickenburg, AZ up to Vanderhoof, BC, Canada.

Our entire family of 6 comfortably slept inside for nearly an entire month. These pictures were taken after the trip, so as you can see, it held together extremely well.

Teardrop front door

I make my teardrop trailers entirely of wood. I take great care to make sure there isn’t a single nail or screw showing from the outside.

Teardrop window
At the top of the trailer you can see the adjustable vent to allow more airflow inside the cabin.

Teardrop rear and kitchen

The back-end opens up to provide shelter while working in the kitchenette. There is even a power strip connected to a power inverter to provide enough power to run a coffee maker.

Left view of Kitchenette

At the right end you can see the space where an ice chest can be placed on a slidable drawer for easy access, with the need of lifting it in and out of the trailer for storage.

View of Bunk Area Inside Teardrop Trailer

The living area provides a great deal of versatility. Both sides have a removable top bunk. The lower area has both a twin and full sized beds. There is also a plank available to put in the middle for one large bed. As you can see in the pictures there is plenty of storage beneath the sleeping area.

I have since sold this one, but I have already started two more. I am incorporating some new features to make these even more awesome than this first one. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!